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Printable Wrapping Paper Round-Up!

1. Watermelons from Brenda Bird Design || Download [mint], [pink], [teal]

2. Pineapples from WhimseyBox  || [Download]

3. Halftone and Gemstones from minieco || Download [halftone 1], [halftone 2], [gemstones]

4. Halloween Wrap from minieco || Download [ghosts], [rain], [lightning]

5. Pink Polka Dots from toffee magazine ||  [Download]



So in love with this awesome idea!

For those asking if I can follow them back:

If I were to follow you back it wouldn’t show up as theDIYgirl because this is a secondary blog to my main blog nonelikejesus. So if you get followed by nonelikejesus then that means I’m following you! (: aha Just wanted to clear that up. 

How do I submit a project to your page? I've been making some wreaths and I would love to get them out there and share my projects =]

I would love to see them! The submit button should be right next to my ask box button!

If you have your own DIY you’d like to share feel free to submit!

For my fellow mermaids ♥  


Easy string DIY from Free People

Totally in love with these!


Easy string DIY from Free People

Totally in love with these!

I want a new phone case. Any idea?

With Lavender and Lace has these amazing cases with real pressed flowers that I’ve been obsessed with for a while now. Anthropologie even has/had them. I found a few different ways to DIY these so here are two ways you could do it. Each gives a slightly different look and uses different materials so choose the one you like best!

Option 1.

Option 2.